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The Dynamo Model

Dynamo or no dynamo?

Due to the recent fantastic development of astronomy, we see a beautiful system of thin filaments there where only a bright spot was observed during decades or centuries. The computer shows the dynamics of these filaments which always transport matter. Astrophysics of the last century is based on the electric neutrality of the celestial bodies e.g. coronae. These increasing number of filaments are explained via "magnetic tubes" which were somehow produced by a mechanically driven "celestial dynamo".

However, neither this "production" of the filaments nor the function of these "dynamos" became clear during the last century. Neither an electric circuit nor a sketch of a single dynamo could be published. Also the observed new characteristics of the filaments became more and more contradictory. The famous "corona problem" was only the tip of the iceberg. The filaments of the corona contradict not only the second law of thermodynamics, but many other laws of physics. For example, they transport matter axially, exactly in the direction where no magnetic force can act and mostly antisolar, as if gravity would not exist. The spacecraft SOHO could find sunspots on the far side of the Sun but not one single deep "magnetic tube".

Astronomy of the 21st century could be based on the simple thermal separation of the electric charges. The Sun and other celestial bodies probably contain no dynamo but are huge thermoelements. The observed filaments could be electrically ejected matter which produce their own pinch-effect, and hence, their exact circular cross section. The "corona problem" cannot be solved because the problem lies not in the corona but in our plasma-physics. The physics should be completed by a new, by a simple "filament-state" of matter in which the corona-problem does not exist. The new physics describes particles which have about 15 order higher energy than those in the hottest plasma of the stars. This fifth state of matter is described in the homepage

Dr. Laszlo Körtvélyessy physicist Candidate of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


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