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Q: How can I get a copy of "The Electric Universe™" ?

A: You can order it at:

ISBN 963 8243 19 8
EFO edition H-1222
Budapest Toth Jozsef 48
FAX 0036 227 7185

or send a card with your address to:

Laszlo Körtvelyessy
Klever Berg 21
47533 Kleve

or mail to

Place your order here.

Q: How much does the book cost?

A: It costs $US 35. You can pay with money check or cash.

Q: Can I pay with my credit-card?

A: Not yet! I have not found a secure and non-expensive way to give you this convenient way of payment. As soon as I found one I will inform you.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the book?

A: Within 2 months after recieving the book you can give the book back. Notice: You will get only your $US 35 back. The costs for shipment will not be replaced.

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